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• Thursday, January 06th, 2011

Artist: Unknown

Just Words

Silvia excitedly looked up from her journal again. ”Footsteps” – she heard footsteps hadn’t she? The quiet whisper of the breeze gently playing with her hair was the only reply. She sighed for a long moment – conflicting emotions flooding her mind. He would come – he had to…

Silvia continued to write her story – their story. Would the words come true – just as Erin had promised – she wondered? Feeling a chill starting to settle in, she reluctantly looked at her watch – it was getting late – too late, perhaps. With the greatest care – as if afraid to disturb the words – she closed her journal.

Rising from the park bench, Silvia felt the familiar lifting of weight – something leaving her – more correctly, someone leaving her. “Good night, Erin’ she smiled to herself. She had barely taken two steps when she felt it – out the corner of her right eye – and then she heard them … footsteps … in the distance … running towards her. ”Now, you must finish the story”, Erin’s voice whispered within her…